Ways To Make Moving While Expecting Easier On Moms-To-Be

Pregnancy is exciting … and stressful. The same can be said for moving. What about when the two are combined? Often, this can result in added stress and strong feelings of being overwhelmed. That doesn’t have to be the case. Here are words of advice for moms-to-be on how to make moving while pregnant less of a hassle.

Excess stress during pregnancy can have negative health effects on the baby. So, too, can heavy lifting. These hazards make moving even less ideal. Another way to ease the burden is to enlist the help of others. From calling in favors with family members to hiring a team of professional movers in advance, there are ways to take the load off your shoulders. Professional services can ensure the boxes are loaded and unloaded safely — and possibly unpacked — to give you more peace of mind.

A few additional tips would be to pack a distinguishable box — maybe see-through or brightly colored — with the pregnancy items you’ll need to have accessible. Knowing these items and other essentials are in arms-reach can help to ease worry when boxes are in transit. Lastly, be sure to keep nutritious snacks available on the big day. Hunger could make the experience seem more awful than it really is for you and those offering a hand.

For further tips and a handy timeline on moving while pregnant, please see the accompanying resource.

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