Investing Wisely: Backyard Renovations & Upgrades

Looking to transform your outdoor space? From adding a sunroom to mounting a large-scale landscaping expedition, there are numerous ways to liven up your outdoor living area. While enhancing the backyard could enrich family time spent outside — on top of increasing resale value — it can also be a costly mistake. Here is a brief look into certain backyard renovations you may wish to reconsider when investing in your family’s future.

 To start, it’s important to remember that home upgrades — much like everything else in life — are a balancing act. While some typically add value, others might have you see very little return on investment (ROI). Another fact to remember is that style is subjective. What you see as an improvement, someone else may view as an inconvenience or maintenance hassle.

A final backyard revamp that may seem advantageous but could be undesirable is over-the-top landscaping. A backyard oasis filled with trees, comfy seating and the joys of nature can be the escape every homeowner wishes for … except when it’s overdone.

Costly, decorative landscaping might look like unwanted maintenance to a potential buyer. Similarly, certain do-it-yourself projects that you find attractive may not suit a buyer’s tastes. If you’re selling your house soon, it’s recommended to keep the garden beautiful but simple. Plant easy-to-care-for vegetation and ensure decorations can be easily removed. For more examples of costly backyard mistakes, please see the accompanying resource.

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