Giving Your Bathroom A Budget-Friendly Refresh


Is your bathroom décor out of date? Do you want to make a change but lack the means to do so? Not to worry, you don’t need to try and tackle a hefty remodel to get a new, modernized look. Below are a few ideas to change up the design and give your restroom a budget-friendly refresh.

One way to smarten up the space is by introducing smart technology. Demand for these novelties has increased [SS1] dramatically in recent years as they moved from high-end to mainstream. The result is more and more of these technological advances are being integrated [SS2] into bathroom designs to enhance comfort and efficiency. If it’s in the budget, consider adding a touchless faucet or self-lit vanity mirror to revamp the room.

Updating a bathroom can not only make it feel more like your own but, according to a popular magazine, it may help upsell the home as well. Along with an updated kitchen, modern baths are highly desired in the housing market and often have an almost 100%[SS3]  ROI. If you’re renting, it’s still possible to give it a personalized touch with wall décor, linens and more to make the room more relaxing and refreshed.

For additional ideas on aesthetically restoring your restroom, please see the accompanying resource.

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